Soya Epoxy Poly Box-10


Polistab Epoxy Polibox-10 is epoxside soya oil. It is used as co-stabilizer and plastifiyan especially in PVC applications in plastic industry. One of the excellent properties of this product is the epoxy groups it contains. These epoxy groups are combined with hydrochloric acid (HCl) to achieve the stabilization required for PVC. The hydrochloric acid compound formed in PVC by the action of temperature or light is formed as follows:

Usage: Epokside-free Polibox-10 does not contain toxic residues and is not toxic. Ideal for use in food storage and packaging. In rigid PVC applications (in bottles and pipes), Polibox-10's max. Use of% 3 is recommended. The main characteristic of Polibox-10 is the stability against temperature and light that will go into the compounds. It is recommended to use Ca-Zn or Ba-Zn stabilizer systems for general use.

Polibox-10 can also be used as plastifiyan, it is easier to add to plastified PVC formulations. The amount to add is equal to the amount of plasticizer to be extracted. Up to 50% of the plasticizer can be replaced by Polibox-10.

The Polibox-10 can be used in place of the entire plasticizer as well as in the door seals of refrigerators. This allows for high-filled PVC formulations. The amount of form can be removed at higher levels without causing cracks in the sheet. This is why Polibox-10 is the absorbent material of the filling material. Polibox-10 filler prevents water and moisture absorption.

Applications of Polistab Epoxy Plibox-10

  • Cables
  • Pipes
  • Hard PVC
  • Toys
  • Imitation leather
  • Plastic Shoes
  • Metal Coatings